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Monday, August 8, 2016 - 17:57

The reason I thought an SGDK2 template might be appropriate is because I have seen some submissions providing TMX files for use with TileEd (for example has some comments referring to TMX files). SGDK2 files might be a stretch, but I figured I'd ask. After all, SGDK2 is a handy tool to visualize and design with even if it isn't the final tool used for development.

The reason it doesn't make sense to extract the unique or edited resources is that I haven't really changed anything, just added some SGDK2-specific data for using existing graphics in that environment, much like the TMX files provide parameters for using  existing graphics in TileEd.

The thing I don't understand about the cliffs is how to integrate them into a landscape made up of other LPC tiles. I assume there's a way to make some terrain where the player would climb up a slope onto a cliff, but I don't see how the tiles would fit together to support that. Maybe I'm wrongly assuming they can be used that way.