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Thursday, January 3, 2019 - 15:33

I'm going to be that guy and nitpick some of the keyboard bindings. They aren't killing me here and I can always use the blanks to just do whatever I want, but it sounds like you want to know about this stuff so I'm passing along what I found. I discovered all this while figuring out how to map the key aliases in the Unity InControl asset to the sprites. Since that was a comprehensive list of supported bindings, I think I found many of them.

There are a few things that could be categorically improved:

  1. Using the uppercase version of a character instead of lowercase for some symbol keys
  2. Not taking the numeric keypad into consideration.
  3. Not taking left/right into consideration for shift/alt/control/command
  4. Missing Mac-specific keys

This is the raw list of junk I wrote down while I was doing the conversions:

  • Slash should be backslash
  • Need equals key since numeric pad plus might be available
  • Technically lowercase on tilde is "backquote"
  • Question mark should be forward slash
  • Left/Right marks should be comma/period. I understand these are hard to tell apart if drawn to scale.
  • Del should be Delete (or else Insert should be Ins)
  • Separate numeric keypad keys from base keys (look at standard keys for this; even the 5 has a little bump on it to differentiate, and the number's in the corner). This includes the utility keys: Numlock, slash, asterisk, minus,...
  • Mac keys: (Pad: Clear, Equals) (F13, F14, F15)
  • AltGr on international keyboards
  • Missing scroll lock and pause but I don't think InControl can support them either. It was interesting since you had Print Screen