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Monday, July 1, 2013 - 11:45

I will use the word with impunity and no upper case!  Ha!


It is pretty easy to bake in the sun out in Austin Nevada just about now.  The Spanish introduced this material.  When the bricks are protected from rain by tiles and whitewash it holds up pretty well. There are some details of how this stuff was used that make examples like this of historic interest to some of us.  Buildings are like a form of discovered sculpture.  I am makng, perfecting, and collecting models of old stuff that will not last forever.

Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 14:19

I can export files as .OBJ, 3DS, VRML, Collada, Stanford PLY, Autodesk DXF, Autodesk FBX, U3D, or .PDF.   But, I have no way to view these in full color stereo, and that is the one thing that I need.  PDFs are fine except that they can't be viewed in stereo, and the max resolution is 8K x 8k pixles.

Dropping my models into a game platform seems to be the only way to view models in stereo.  Further, there is no engineering program capable of stereo viewing of the models that those progams generate either.  You would think that in a world with 3DHDTVs and 3D modeling progams that someone would actually think of doing this, but guess what?  Bizzare.


I have shot the ceiling of a secret painted cave that tells the story of the Volvon people and the eclipse of 1806;

The separation between the floor and ceiling did not allow shooting it all at once.  The meaning of the images were not clear from the paint alone as the shadows on the ceiling are part of the graphic itself.  The story is complex and was told by more than one graphic.  The Volvons resisted missionization and fleed the soldiers that the Church had sent (hell no! was the message).

I have dozens of subjects that are not posted.  More buildings are posted here;

I have spent a few years shooting and processing these and it only gets better.  Viewing is the critical link.


Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 21:21

I don't doubt that your methods work for creating the appearence of the real thing with far fewer polygons.  Do you view any of your work using "3D" glasses?

I am working with models that I can export as DWG files to feed to 3D printers.  Physical objects such as museum pieces or buildings may be digitzed and replicated by this method.  I am simply looking for a way to view object models of various historic buildings and colorful objects using my 3DTV and computer.



Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 12:24

This captures the real scene and objects accurately for viewing from all sides, which is my goal.  This is sort of like taking and viewing photos and being able too tour or view the real place and the real objects.  There are some more examples here;

Exporting and importing these in a workable format is the current challenge.  Decimating polygon count is already done with most of these models.  I have no software to make anything from scratch or modify the models except engineering software that can't handle textures either.  I have all of the data, it is just currently not possible to import it due to cross platform incompatabilities.

By using multiple synchronized cameras I can even do people. However, I need a stereoscopic viewer to see them in full color 3D stereo and a game platform seems capable.  Alternate 3D methods are not apparently available.  This is a bleeding edge technology.

Friday, June 28, 2013 - 23:27

These are polygon models that may be exported to any suitable software.  Dozens of overlaping photos taken from different angles are used to calculate a point cloud.  The point cloud is then used to build a mesh.  Terxtures are projected back onto the solid model produced by the meshed cloud.   3DS files were then produced and posted.

These models are far too detailed (10M polygons max) and must be decimated for direct use in games.  DWG files may be moved into engineering programs, but none of those programs have a decent stereoscopic rendering engine that work with modern 3DHDTVs.  I am just looking for a good stereoscopic viewer for my models and hope to make my own little world of places and things that I have captured and put into my collection!  I am sure that it would help to use Bryce or Maya to edit these but I don't do any of that yet.



Friday, June 28, 2013 - 12:08

The preview is a stereoscopic anaglyph image of the model.