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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - 03:56

"Art Challenges which support a guest FOSS project"

I think this is a very good option, because I would hate to see competitions producing art that no one is likely to use, for example:

I'm sure people will say "just doing it for practice" and "not sure their work is good enough" - I've seen some great entries in those forums from skilled people and it saddens me to think that (afaik) most of those quality entries will probably just sit on someone's HDD for a year or two without ever being used.

On OGA, general competitions like these would work out much better because the art would at least be indexed and available for use.

Having competitions for a specific project in mind ensures that the efforts will not be wasted.
Also this option is a good way that OGA can directly participate in and imediately benifit opensource projects.


Any guidelines for FOSS projects wanting to have a competition (so we can sort it out before emailing you)?
- Provide background info about the game
- Examples of artistic style
- Engine details (preferred submission file formats for models, animations, textures, sounds; support for bump, specular, etc?; prefered sound kbps; links for engine download, tools, and tutorials for artists to try stuff in-game; etc.)
- Description(s) of item(s) needed (including technical description per item: model tricount, dimensions; texture resolution estimate, color pallet; sound duration, volume; etc.)
- Optionally categories items for separate competitions?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 05:27

Thanks from Weaver :D

Like the rest of the set, they look great.