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Monday, September 23, 2013 - 20:36

Hi Leeor, thanks for the comment! I'm aware that CC-BY gives me the right to point a lawsuit threat at anyone who uses the work without attributing me, but I'm not interested in pursuing any litigation over my work. While I would prefer that people do give me credit when using my work, I don't want to sue anyone for not doing so. So CC0 best suits my needs.

I'm aware that CC0, on its own, does not allow the dedicator to indicate preferences for how the work should be used. This is an area I've been exploring on my GitHub account at, an effort to improve upon CC0 (I'm a recent law school graduate). Pull requests are welcome.

Tl;dr: The work is dedicated to the public domain under CC0. It would be nice if you credited me appropriately, though, as I've indicated above.