Physica - a casual platformer

Physica - a casual platformer

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Physica is a casual platformer game in which you drive a block in different levels from its starting point to its goal, avoiding hazards (yes, it is as simple as it seems...)

The game came out while I was trying to make a 2D physics engine (based mostly on this article's ideas: after a while I tried to make something more than falling blocks and this is what came out.

The game is still under development: while the physics engine itself is pretty complete and game engine and user interface are finished, there are ten levels only packed with current version; I am planning to add many more of them, of course :)

The game also has a pretty advanced level editor, which allows you to make your own levels (if you do so, please share!).

You can get it on sourceforge or download the source on github - and please leave feedback! I'd be happy to hear what you think about this

You can also find a thread about this game on FreeGameDev here

...less talk, more pictures - here are some screenshots: