LPC style wood bridges and steel flooring

LPC style wood bridges and steel flooring


The wood bridges are stylized after the rope bridges in the LPC base set, with the following notable differences: The wood planks are wider and have less space between each. Edge light better matches the LPC style guideline documentation. Bridges wider than one tile can be made.

The steel flooring was originally made for bridges/walkways similar to what's seen in the preview, but should be suitable for industrial environments.

The railings in "railing-steel-16x32.png" and "railing-wood-16x32.png" are meant to have a tile size of 16x32. The narrower tile size was chosen as it allows for the angled pieces to be more easily rendered in the correct z-order when you can have sprite in front and behind of the railing. It also allows for finer tuning on their placement.

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