Breakout set

Breakout set


I'm having lots of fun with Dawnbringer's 32 colours palette - this time, I made a breakout set, featuring:

  • 28 differently coloured bricks
  • 14 (2 shapes and 7 different colours) bars
  • 7 differently coloured balls
  • a bitmap font
  • ...and two lovely heart icons :)

I also thought of adding some falling bonuses, but after some unsuccessful trials I gave up.

(note that the background in the preview is not included, for it's a bad copy of the one you can find here)

Slightly inspired by this

EDIT: the file more_breakout_pieces.png, shown in the last preview is the expansion made by Surt

EDIT: the file breakout_custom.png contains the additions made by InanZen

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NOT REQUIRED, though appreciated: credit me as Buch and link back to my OGA profile page
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