Cave Tileset

Cave Tileset

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A cave tileset for OSARE.  3D models pre-rendered into 2D sprites.


  • Two variety of straight, convex, concave base walls rendered four directions
  • Additional wall styles featuring spiderwebs, stalagmites, mushrooms, and mine shaft supports
  • 16 base floor tiles (best used in a repeating 4x4 grid)
  • Minecart tracks and carts
  • Floor rubble, bones, stalagmites, and stalactite-pillars
  • Simple water tiles

I have many more features planned for this tileset, but this is a good enough start to make some maps.

Note, I included a Tiled (map editor) specific tileset sprite sheet.  Tiled works best when each tile is the same size.  To operate as expected in Tiled, I flattened the water tiles just in the Tiled copy.

Plenty of Blender files attached.  One day I will make a tutorial on how to make cave walls that connect properly -- it's far easier than it might seem.

If you would like to use this tileset under different licenses please contact me.  I'll be happy to work something out with you.


Slight tweak: using Mitch with Filter Size 1.5 gives better floor tiles than CatRom at 1.0.  It removes the slightly-light edge on tiles that reveals where the tiles are.

(Update 2)

Added clipped tiles that help in certain situations.  Various fixes to the Tiled tileset.

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