Arabic sounds

Arabic sounds

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Here are some arabic lines as a "thank you" for all the material that you guys been posting since this website was founded.


Feel free to use the sounds for commercial or non-commercial use, I just "wish" for you to mention my nickname or youtube channel in the credits section (


Would you like more sounds? Do you need any specific sound said in a specific way? Do not hesitate to ask :) 

I'm fine.mp3 I'm fine.mp3 143.1 Kb [74 download(s)]
I like you.mp3 I like you.mp3 360 Kb [53 download(s)]
do you want to die.mp3 do you want to die.mp3 443.6 Kb [66 download(s)]
greetings back.mp3 greetings back.mp3 105.6 Kb [47 download(s)]
greetings.mp3 greetings.mp3 458.9 Kb [49 download(s)]
I hate you.mp3 I hate you.mp3 330.3 Kb [49 download(s)]
How are you.mp3 How are you.mp3 92.2 Kb [49 download(s)]
damn you.mp3 damn you.mp3 461.8 Kb [56 download(s)]