Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore - Starter Pack

Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore - Starter Pack


PSRC - Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore

PSRC is a huge library of pixel sprites, with this package being a free starter pack, that contains a large amount of content, enough to build a whole game with. There are over 230 unique objects.

Includes a human character, clothes, air/sea/land vehicles, trees, rocks, guns, melee weapons, light sources, prototyping shapes, helper grids, gameplay objects, seamless textures, decoration objects and more.

To further expand the content, you may purchase expansion packs that focus on a certain theme, usually including hundreds of objects that are dedicated towards that theme.

See my website, http://www.reactorcoregames.com/sprites.htm for more details and more expansion packs.

The zip includes:

-Large collection of 2D objects both as individual images and optimized atlases. Every object comes with in a greyscale and color version. The format is .PNG with transparency. The regular size for the atlases is 256x256. All sprites follow a standard of 1 meter = 40 pixels, so everything is compatible with one another.

-The images are designed for direct game development use.

-Also includes an importable Unity3D package with all settings ready for each image.


  • Standardized
  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Optimized for Game Dev
  • Zoomable up to 600%
  • Light-weight
  • Atlases and Individual Images
  • Greyscale and Colored
  • Huge Growing Library

For support, contant me by email:

GDM PSRC_StarterPack_b1.zip GDM PSRC_StarterPack_b1.zip 2.9 Mb [1132 download(s)]