Open Gunner Starter Kit

Open Gunner Starter Kit


This is a complete and high quality "starter kit" for a "run'n gun" style platformer/shooter game.

I have been planning to do this kind of set for a long time but haven't had time until took me about 2 weeks to make this.

The idea here was to combine the look and feel of the three best run'n gun games ever: Turrican, Megaman X and Contra, and see what would come out of it, and this is the end result. :)

And as you can see I named the set "Open Gunner", which basically means that other people too are welcome to expand this set if they want. For this purpose I have also included a "style guide" amongst all the stuff found here.

The most important thing here is the Hero character, which has 120+ frames of animation...In addition to normal stuff like running and jumping I also made animations for ground crawling, ladder climbing, for Megaman X style "speed dash" and "wall jump", and poses for Contra style 12-direction shooting, including both standing and running variations (12 shooting directions when standing, 8 when running).

Other things included in this kit are: A basic tileset for a simple test level (quite average, I'll make better tiles in the future), an enemy soldier (simple palette switch from the hero), some ground turrets and small enemies, a cool looking robot mech, some energy bars, a small game and level object set (lifts, doors etc), and the Open Gunner font set (with two different fonts: big and small).

I didn't make any bullets or explosions though, but the good old ones should be 100% compatible:

And the "bullet collection 2" linked above of course has those 16-way blaster bullets, use them for the hero. :)

So, I think this is a good start for a nice run'n gun starter set. Although of course some stuff is still missing, for example some better tilesets, more enemy types and maybe a few alternative "skins" for the hero. But most likely I'll gradually make more stuff for this in the future, and so it'll get better as time goes on. :)

And as I mentioned earlier, others can add stuff too. Just follow the style guide that is included in the files. And when making a submission, put the words "Open Gunner" both in the title and keywords so that people will more easily find this stuff here on OGA.

Attribution Instructions:

If you use these graphics anywhere, then give credit to "Master484", and if possible also put a link to my OpenGameArt profile and maybe also to my website:

OpenGunnerHeroVer2.png OpenGunnerHeroVer2.png 80.8 Kb [3953 download(s)]
OpenGunnerEnemySoldier.png OpenGunnerEnemySoldier.png 22.9 Kb [2705 download(s)]
OpenGunnerFonts.png OpenGunnerFonts.png 34.1 Kb [2259 download(s)]
OpenGunnerEnemies.png OpenGunnerEnemies.png 17 Kb [2696 download(s)]
OpenGunnerMechs.png OpenGunnerMechs.png 42.2 Kb [2502 download(s)]
OpenGunnerBarsAndPanels.png OpenGunnerBarsAndPanels.png 19.2 Kb [2315 download(s)]
OpenGunnerStarterTiles.png OpenGunnerStarterTiles.png 35 Kb [2544 download(s)]
OpenGunnerMiscObjects.png OpenGunnerMiscObjects.png 20 Kb [2516 download(s)]
OpenGunnerStyleGuide.png OpenGunnerStyleGuide.png 66.2 Kb [2453 download(s)]