Open Gunner Expansion Pack 2

Open Gunner Expansion Pack 2


This is the second expansion pack for the Open Gunner graphics set.

This pack contains the following:

A huge cyborg skeleton boss, which has animation frames for shooting, jumping, kicking and damage.

If you want to see the shooting cycle in action, then check out this gif animation I posted to my Pixeljoint gallery a while ago: LINK

NOTE: The original skeleton has now been updated to Version 2. :)

Boss energy bars. These are similar to the player energy bars, except that the energy bars are red and they have "boss skulls" in them.

A new "Mini Turret" enemy. This is a small "pop up" turret, that comes in both ceiling and floor versions.

As you can see, it has a huge number of animation frames, caused by the turning animations for each height...but when you use this, it's probably better to choose just one height and use it.

A new "good woods" tileset. This is basically a better version of the earlier "forest" tileset; it adds "variation tiles", 20 degree slopes for both ground and ceilings, and comes in two color themes: brown and gray.

And of course the trees and all the other stuff from the earlier forest tileset can be used with this one.


Attribution Instructions:
If you use these graphics anywhere, then give credit to "Master484", and if possible also put a link to my OpenGameArt profile and maybe also to my website:

OGGoodWoodsTiles.png OGGoodWoodsTiles.png 88.2 Kb [792 download(s)]
OpenGunnerBossBars.png OpenGunnerBossBars.png 3.2 Kb [784 download(s)]
OpenGunnerMiniTurret.png OpenGunnerMiniTurret.png 86 Kb [742 download(s)]
OpenGunnerSkeletonBossFinalV2.png OpenGunnerSkeletonBossFinalV2.png 79.3 Kb [861 download(s)]