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Currently I am learning 3D modeling. I started creating a modular level piece by piece.

It is a sewerage system based on this

Currently it is still in what I like to call experimental phase, there are other pieces that I need to do in order to complete the set, I decided to upload these as a way to give back to this awesome community. I hope that whoever uses this likes it and hopefully I can also get some pointers here and there, so that I can improve my skills.

UV- Unwrap is off in some areas, I am working on fixing that too.

All normals are looking inwards. These are not meant to be seen from outside when they are in game. I tested them in Unity and they look nice... I mean coming from an amateur, that is.

EDIT: Probably this week I will be working in a new set of pieces, like going diagonal and up and down. The unwrap and the texturing I tried my best, but please be aware I am still a beginner, so I have much to learn. I do hope you guys have use for them.


Later on I will also attemp to add a normal map.

EDIT 2: Finally updated the screenshots. Added a normal map. Went OCD and try to make the pieces as reusable as possible, at some points here and there you will have to rotate the pieces in order to get the proper alignment. I haven't figure out why this is happening, I will keep doing my research. I am going to start (finally) working on new pieces for this set and also in a new set.

I will also get a website up and running, you know so that I can be important and stuff.

EDIT 3: Retouched the models to make them more modular. Applied a cube projection mapping and a single brick texture. Added a long awaited slope piece, now the sewer would more interesting. I tried making the pieces as seamless as possible, it should work with any kind of brick texture as long as it is seamless.

Will try the unwrap again with baking, I want to add more interesting things to it.

Texture I included was taken from

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