First Person Dungeon Crawl Protagonist

First Person Dungeon Crawl Protagonist


It's no secret, I'm a fan of Clint Bellanger's Heroine Dusk™.  A while ago I made remixed versions of the monsters, but the titular heroine had been left undone.  I actually did have an attempt at editing the original sprite at one point, but somehow I couldn't get her charm to carry over with my changes.  So for this one I started from scratch.  She has 6 different armors and 6 weapons, just as the original sprite does.  Like the other sprites, she is drawn with the dawnbringer 16 color palette.

See the original art pack here:


Edit (2/26/2015): Made some updates to the base, changed the paperdoll components to fit.  Hope to expand this someday, but since it hasn't been used since I uploaded it as far as I can tell I can't prioritize it like I'd like to.

See my modified enemies here:

Play the game here:

Base2.png Base2.png 5.6 Kb [3943 download(s)]
cloak2.png cloak2.png 4 Kb [1678 download(s)]
brigadierArmor2.png brigadierArmor2.png 4.8 Kb [1323 download(s)]
BronzeMace.png BronzeMace.png 3.5 Kb [1035 download(s)]
FullPlate2.png FullPlate2.png 5.3 Kb [1175 download(s)]
Hammer.png Hammer.png 3.7 Kb [1066 download(s)]
Katana.png Katana.png 3.7 Kb [1286 download(s)]
knife.png knife.png 3.4 Kb [976 download(s)]
LeatherArmor2.png LeatherArmor2.png 4.2 Kb [944 download(s)]
Longsword.png Longsword.png 3.6 Kb [1066 download(s)]
PartialPlate2.png PartialPlate2.png 5.3 Kb [888 download(s)]
SilverArmor2.png SilverArmor2.png 5 Kb [1060 download(s)]
staff.png staff.png 3.6 Kb [1076 download(s)]
formatting paperdoll heroine newbase.psd formatting paperdoll heroine newbase.psd 100.5 Kb [1015 download(s)]
HeroineOldBase.psd HeroineOldBase.psd 94 Kb [1186 download(s)]
OldHeroine OldHeroine 56.3 Kb [1136 download(s)]
Heroine Heroine 62.6 Kb [1664 download(s)]
Heroine Layers.7z Heroine Layers.7z 24.8 Kb [967 download(s)]