Feedback on 16px robots and tiles

Feedback on 16px robots and tiles

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I'm working on a tiny game that's inspired by NES games Metroid and Master Blaster. You control a little rover exploring a remote moon base.

You can play the prototype here.

Solarbot screenshot of industrial area

Solarbot screenshot of cave area

I'm aiming for a NES-ish art style/restrictions. The tiles and robots are all 16x16, and the screen size is only 128x128 before scaling.

If you want to look closer at the pixels, here is the tile set and here are the robots

Solarbot with booster upgradeufo robot looptank animation loop

I'm looking for feedback and criticism of the pixel art. Any constructive feedback is welcome.

Here are a few things I'd like to hear about:

- Are the color ramps okay? I have four 4-color ramps: red, green, blue, and gray. Each ramp shares the same 4th color (dark blue background/shadows).

- I use one color ramp for most tiles. Does that look okay, or are the tiles too monotone?

- Does the player's rover look too flat compared to the other bots? I may redesign the chassis and head slightly

- Is any of the pixel art hard to interpret or confusing?

- Suggestions for improvement

- Suggestions for new tiles, new areas, or new bot types


(edit) here's the palette, and an assortment of other tiles

palette colors and other junk