38 Studios: One Last Kick In the Gut

38 Studios: One Last Kick In the Gut

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For those of you who don't know: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/38_Studios

This company squandered $75m in public and private financing, leaving taxpayers on the hook for nearly $30m when they went under after only developing two games (one released).

The founder of the company, Curt Schilling now says  "I couldn't raise the final tranche of money and get the product to launch and that will never be anyone's fault but mine," he said.

Am I the only one who is profundy insulted that they couldn't bring a game to market with $75m?  Or that they even took the money in the first place knowing it wouldn't be enough to launch?  Keeping in mind: they had 160 employees in a posh office space BEFORE they had a single product.

I mean seriously -- that's a HUGE slap in the face to every indie studio on the planet, many of whom have thrived on a fraction of that amount.  I guess that's what really bothers me...Schilling clearly had no idea what he was doing in this space yet got a TON of financing based solely on his celebrity (former MLB pitcher) and now his attitude is "yeah, whatever....stuff happens.  My bad."