[Rm2k3] Timeless City (Platformer)

[Rm2k3] Timeless City (Platformer)

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I didn't really wanna make a thread for it but I saw no screenshot topic so here it goes!

I'm creating a sidescroller RPG on rm2k3, drawing from Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, Standstill Girl, Valkyrie Profile and Helen's Mysterious Castle.

It is a platformer / RPG hybrid, with turn based battles but platforming dungeon exploration.

The hub town is standard RPG view. I'm still deciding if I'm doing "stages", something more metroidvania or a hybrid of both.

I'll probably release some stuff from it hee on OGA (I always do release my stuff for free, with the potential exception of personal characters)



It's being pretty hard to make, but also definitely fun!

Some concept art for the game: