Non-Attributive Copyleft License

Non-Attributive Copyleft License

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I asked this on the IRC, but I didn't really expect to get a proper response there since it's a chat. Basically I've been wondering if there is such a thing as a copyleft license that does not require attribution.

The reason behind this is a discussion I had with a friend about trivial works which are often used in larger end-products. My idea is that it's annoying to have trivial works that require attribution, since attributing someone for such a small contribution can be quite annoying (especially when there are many such contributions). So being able to license works that don't require attribution for trivial works is somewhat desireable. However, as someone who supports copyleft and free culture I believe that these works should still enforce all derivatives to be free culture as well (something that CC0, for example, doesn't provide). Of course, making a no-attribution license copyleft is probably very problematic (end-product creators wish to have their works attributed), so perhaps one that makes attribution optional or allows for use of other copyleft licenses.

Basically, the point is a license where attribution is not necessary (like in CC0) but all derivative works must be labelled likewise.

Anyone know of anyting?