Ring Set - Precious Metals

Ring Set - Precious Metals

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This set of 10 rings are made with silvery and gold precious metals.

Each ring is about 1k to 3k tris. I created them primarily to serve as detailed inventory images/zooms. They're geared towards a fantasy RPG world (made for Flare).

Each one is using simple Blender materials and a reflection map. The reflection map image is Public Domain, acquired from Burning Well.

Attached is the Blender file with reflection maps. Also attached is 256px renderings of each ring in one sprite sheet.

The rings are:

  • silver band
  • gold band
  • silver signet ring
  • gold wrap ring
  • silver celtic ring
  • gold ouroboros ring
  • silver round-cut sapphire ring
  • gold emerald-cut emerald ring
  • silver princess-cut diamond ring
  • gold teardrop-cut ruby ring


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