Need a complete game

Need a complete game

First off all, let me say that I am a coder and a graphics artist myself, so I could do this alone, but due to the enormous market potential of the project, this game must be big. Real big. So rather than reinventing the wheel, I am trying to find a team or capable person who has already an almost finished game on their computer, but no specific business plan.


The reason why there is a market potential is because of the addition of an innovative game feature, where the basic game itself may be generic. However, due to company strategy, certain information underlies strict closure and may in any case require nondisclosure agreements to be shared.


Speaking of Share, I offer a 50pct share of the money that comes in, once the product is available. I have to say, this is an online paygame, so continous cash flow is expected.


So if there is already an almost finished game, you won't lose much if it doesn't work.


Here is some tec. specs:

html5 game, eg. phaser or similar.

preferably isometric topdown or similar pseudo3d

polished graphics in eyecatching style with lots of details

massive multiplayer, upscalable, with chat

massive world so it may take days or at least hours to explore it all..

A bonus collection system, hidden items, hints, riddles


optionally some npcs with limited chat capabilities

Well there are a lot of details I won't go into right now.


So if you think, I may really have got some good business idea there and you have such a game, or could knock one out of your sleeve as the parts just lay there and scream for it, let me know, thanks.