LPC Character Creator Mini-Game

LPC Character Creator Mini-Game

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First, I do know about the existing LPC Character Generator. I've used it, I love it. Given I mean to do a lot of character work and customization in The Last Score, though, I needed something a little more robust, and with my current game engine.

Green Haired Child

The purpose of this creator is threefold: one, to preview and test different clothes / body / animations so I can add to and edit the LPC sets; two, to have a working model I can integrate into The Last Score; and three, to play with and make character tokens.

Given the last point, I mean to publish this as a public web game. It adds the child body and accessories by Nila122, my own skin colors, and so far I've added all eight eye colors for children. The hair colors have been limited to fifteen shades, since it'll be easier to build on, and the original set had a ton of blondes in it.

Further on I'll be adding more clothes, more animations for children, filling in missing clothing animations, and possibly I'll add an LPC adult run animation. If it doesn't kill me first. I may also put in a way to import your own .png files so creators can get dynamic previews of their work.

Adult Hair Colors

Facial hair!

(Also, one last point: I am working on The Last Score. The four month hiatus was unfortunate, but there wasn't any getting around the medical issues I was having. As of last week I've been able to think and code, so consider this the first of many updates on these two projects!)