Isometric Collision Detection [HIRING]

Isometric Collision Detection [HIRING]

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I'm writing this from my own personal ring of hell where Beelzelbub has had me staring at a screen and scratching my head till I hit brain.

I'm using LibGDX+Box2D+Tiled and wanted to create an isometric game quite like Exiled Kingdoms; I even went so far as to e-mail the dev asking for advice; he was kind enough to answer despite being swept up in the storm of his game's success; but alas, I still can't figure it out. At this point I've been working on it for about a week and would like to move on. I'm working hard on turning Conscientia into a full-blown RPG and don't want to get stuck on this unfortunate snag.

With the end of the preamble comes the main topic: is there anyone with experience in this topic whom I could hire to do it for me? It would be a small project, with the possibility for other add-ons (implementing box2d-lights and gdx-pay, for instance). 

If interested, PM me with a quote for your labor and your contact info.




EDIT: I have a lead on this, not on hiring someone but rather on how to fix it. LibGDX has an isometric renderer, so looking in that class, I see all kinds of bizarre math wizardy performed on the grid the .tmx file hands to it. I imagine some amount of copying can lead to an adequate collision projection along the same lines... Will update if I find out more because there is pretty much NOTHING that I can find written on isometric collision detection.