I want my data to be deleted

I want my data to be deleted

I recently requested the deletion of my account https://opengameart.org/users/duion AND all data associated with it, as it is my legal right to do so, but nobody responded to me except https://opengameart.org/users/medicinestorm who instantly deleted my account without deleting any of my data.

She then said I would have had to request my content to be deleted, which is not possible anymore, since my account was banned, for manually editing my contributions, which is my right, since they are mine.

Then she blackmailed me that I would have to list every item that I want to have deleted individually and then wait for her "review" and "deletion" of it and only then I was allowed to post another link. I kept up with it, but soon got bored and posted the full list, since I had a long list of items to delete, then she refused to do anything for me anymore and essentially steal my content and my data.

According to your own websites rules I have the right to have contributions that someone else uploaded against my will to be taken down: https://opengameart.org/content/faq

This is what happened as an admin banned me and stole my account to put up my contributions again.

So far only my account was deleted and none of my contributions and not even my comments were deleted nor anonymized.

So I now request all my data on this website to be deleted as it is my right to do so.  Stop being thieves and if you want to steal my content at least have the balls to do it yourself under your own name, don't steal my account, manipulate it and make it look like I would approve it to be here.