OGA 'Summer' Game Jam #3 CLOSED

OGA 'Summer' Game Jam #3 CLOSED

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Hi Everyone,

I'm needing some banner art for the up and comming Summer Game Jam. If there is anyone interested in doing it this year could they let me know below.

First jam was done by ElizaWY, the second was done by Withthelove, this year you?

I would need 2 images, one with the banner image itself, which should include an picture of 'Sara' the OGA mascot and something that you think covers summer and games in general. this should be a minuim size of 315 x250. The second is for background, something light, not to heavy, but compliments the banner. simular to last years background https://itch.io/jam/opengameart-game-jam-2 would be good.

I would need them 2 weeks before the jam starts in july. :)


Or if there are more than 1 person/s that want to do this then maybe we could set it up as an 'art challenge'?