Adventure, Platform, Menu, BGM Pack I

Adventure, Platform, Menu, BGM Pack I

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These are extremely OOOOOOOOOOLD works.They're at different volume levels and a whole bunch of other messes.  It was supposed to be snowy (at least for the particular level I was working on, I added a bunch of reverb to make everything sound uniform. lol Also, I was more focused on compositional structure rather than EQ and proper adjustment, XD lol I know right? Pretty bad. ^_^; These don't loop either XD. They were more samples then actual songs but I'd still like to share them and perhaps build upon them if anybody think they might have potential for their game. :)  Also if the track skips please notify me, I'm having trouble with editing as my harddrive keeps randomly injecting noise and air into my tracks. XD

These tracks have been  orchestrated and styled to be like that of N64 adventure snow based game. (At  least to the best of my ability at the time. ^_^;)
It's actually composed for a, now deceased indie game, called Seasons Forever. It was a cute little project. It was a mulitplayer fighter game that was based on seasons as I recall. 


Free to use if you'd like.

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