Air Journey

Air Journey

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This is my initial contribution here... Since I'd hate to see anything old (and new) to just go I've decided to improve upon my old stuff in order to put it into releasable form...


This is a song or more like a 2-minute collection of different loops that can be cut and used however wanted. This was also my initial testing piece with Linux Multimedia Studio and the feeling can be described as... Well when I created it I was thinking of a mountainous landscape viewed high above the air, possibly from a (8-bit) airship. That's really the best way to describe this :D

It was different initially but then I decided to build more parts into it and make it loopable... and it turned out to be something of a collage of different loops with the same "spacey", "airship" and "in air" feel.

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Just put my name (jukeri or jukeristi) somewhere in your readme-file, under music makers or something. :D
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