Animated Coins

Animated Coins

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For Liberated Pixel Cup.

Here are three coins (Gold, Silver, Copper). They contain simple animations to make them stand out to the player:

  • Floating/bobbing over the ground
  • Shadow size changes slightly
  • Spinning
  • Shiny stripe flashes over the coin as it faces the viewer

Each frame is 32x32, 8 frames of animation per coin. The floor-center of the coin is at 16,28 (centered, 4 pixels from the bottom; in case you want to draw the coin at arbitrary locations instead of just inside a grid square).

Process: I first created the coin in Blender with a simple spinning animation and toon shading (see attached Blend file). Then I used GIMP to recolor the coins using 4 color ramps. In GIMP I also added the animated shadows, the bouncing positions, and the flash/stripe.

I also included the GIMP xcf files. It should be easy to create more item pickups in this style that reuse the same shadow animation.

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Clint Bellanger for Liberated Pixel Art
coin_gold.png coin_gold.png 1.3 Kb [11719 download(s)]
coin_silver.png coin_silver.png 1.2 Kb [5633 download(s)]
coin_copper.png coin_copper.png 1.3 Kb [5342 download(s)]
gold_coin.xcf gold_coin.xcf 9.4 Kb [2810 download(s)]
silver_coin.xcf silver_coin.xcf 9.4 Kb [1764 download(s)]
copper_coin.xcf copper_coin.xcf 9.4 Kb [1508 download(s)]
coin.blend coin.blend 426.5 Kb [1862 download(s)]