Announcing the Procedural Death Jam

Announcing the Procedural Death Jam

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Hey folks!

I'm happy to announce a collaborative effort between Lars Doucet (of Level Up Labs) and myself: the Procedural Death Jam!

From the description:

Procedural Death Jam is a 7-day game jam benefitting OpenGameArt’s recent Patreon campaign. The theme is "Procedural Death Labyrinth," a new way of describing games like FTL, Spelunky, Coin Crypt, The Binding of Isaac, etc, that’s less awkward than "Rogue-Like-LIKE" or "Rogue-LITE." You might have seen it trending on Steam Tags.

The Procedural Death Jam (PDJ) starts on March 8th and runs for 7 days, which makes it concurrent with the 7-Day Roguelike Challenge, so if you're already planning on participating in that, you're free to enter your game in the Procedural Death Jam as well (note that this isn't necessarily true in reverse; while the term "Procedural Death Labrynth" encompasses the Roguelike genre, not all PDLs are roguelikes, so be sure to check their rules before you submit your PDJ entry to them).

If you're interested in participating, check out the website (don't miss the rules and FAQ pages), but here are some key points:

  • The PDJ is open to everyone.  There are no restrictions on what game engines, toolkits, or libraries you use, and your game doesn't need to be open source.
  • While participants are welcome and encouraged to use art assets from here on OGA, you're not required to.  The only requirement about art is that it be legal (that is, you need to have the right to use it, so no ripped graphics or unlicensed IP).
  • Contest participants vote on the winner(s) for each category.
  • ...and as always, the cliched (but ever important) "Have fun!"

We're looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with!



P.S. Follow the PDJ on Twitter for updates.