Artwork used by Space Inc.

Artwork used by Space Inc.


This is the HTML5 2D multiplayer space game i'm developing. It is my main project to learn how to program. It is built in Canvas with pure Javascript, no framework used. The websocket connection is powered by the Socket.IO library. Just come in with your browser, try it out, fly around and shoot enemies or players (if you're not the only one online).

The game will be a pulsating, persistent MMO world which continues to run even if no player is online. Also it is completely in german yet, but most things should be self-explaining. If not, just click around - you can't break much. :)


  • Chat: Enter (duh)
  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys
  • Shooting: Left and right mouse buttons
  • Info screens: R, (dot), (comma), SHIFT + P, SHIFT + S
  • Main / configuration menu: ESC
  • Background change: Q (just for testing purposes)
  • Debug mode: P


Note: The game is best viewed in Chrome/Chromium and Safari (all Systems) and Firefox on Windows. It mostly runs very slow in Firefox on GNU/Linux - you're lucky if not as that means your firefox has direct access to your graphics card. You can make the game run faster if you reduce the size of the window.