Sci-Fi / Space: Red Planet

Sci-Fi / Space: Red Planet

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Hey people :)

I use material from since a few weeks, someone told me about this... I think, this is a great projekt and i LOVE the things people create! I must say, i like Public Domain artwork the most because it's just uncomplicated, so this contribution is PD of course too.

I, myself, am programming a little space game just for fun since two weeks and i'm thinking OGA could have more awesome looking planets... Well, there can never be enough awesome planets! Don't you agree? So, i tried to rebuilt the one i like the most here from scratch:

This is my first contribution to OGA and my very first try to create a planet ever... I made it with GIMP. Any suggestions on how to improve it? I don't know how to make better clouds and also i think the atmosphere isn't accurate yet... However, i want to make more planets, but i don't know where to get textures under free licenses in at least 2000x2000 pixels suitable for planets. If you know a place, write it down in the comments please.

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