Character RPG Sprites

Character RPG Sprites

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I combined my zombie base with the character assets I have, which can be found here:

*I will no longer be updating this art asset page.  I'll be updating the one in the link above.*

In order to fully take advantage of these assets, please download GIMP:  Using this program, you can open the xcf file I have in my zip file.  I added many color combinations and there are millions of possible character combinations (I think 10+ million if you really wanted to make that many characters..).  Hopefully I will be able to create more assets.. such as hairstyles and dresses in the near future.  I found out how to easily recolor my artwork.. thus I should be able to spend more time creating new things and less remaking them.


*Warning, these files will change often with new materials - Assets it will build with time*

I combined the Bases with the Assets now so they are all in one zip.  Make sure you check to see what version of of Bases&Assets you have.  I will be going by 1-0,1-1,1-2, and so on.  Compare your zip file name to the current zip file to see if there is a newer version. 

**Please respect the liscencing and ask if you aren't sure what it entails.  If you need a less restrictive license please ask, I check my e-mail regularly.**

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Just put my name, username, and this website address: Curt, cjc83486
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