Consolidated Hard Vacuum Terrain Tilesets

Consolidated Hard Vacuum Terrain Tilesets


Ever wanted all of the lost garden terrain tiles as a single giant image? Well here they are.

*Grass2 has been modified as a transition to the slightly off-color grass that connects with the swamp. This wasn't done perfectly, so it could be improved.

*Snow2 was omitted because it does not transition properly with many other sets. May be corrected in future versions if there's a huge demand for it.

*Overlay tiles (the large rock outcroppings, some trees, etc) are included in a seperate file. It's probably best to look at the original tilesets to line them up.

*Every effort was made to avoid duplicating any tiles, but there might be some duplicates.

*The bubble animations are probably just as well held off in seperate files.

*Road and cliff overlays are hard to understand so they're not included here.

All based on DanC's classic tilesets:

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Attribute to: "Hard Vacuum" art by Daniel Cook (
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