Die for the Empire Music

Die for the Empire Music

Socapex, Marcelo Fernadez, Brandon Morris, Alexandr Zhelanov, yewbic, Max Gooroo, section31, Dogers
(Submitted by TheBlackSword)
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All the music used in my game "Die for the Empire." Files are being uploaded to satisfy the "Share-Alike" license placed on much of the art I used. 

Main Menu Theme: Brandon Morris

Metal Ages, Flaming Soul and Lethal Injection: Marcelo Fernandez

Tokyo Chase: Socapex

Confrontation, Dark Waves: Dogers

Futuristic Resources: section31

Undead Cyborg: Alexandr Zhelanov 

Genstir Approaching: Max Gooroo

Level 3 Theme: yewbic 

ambientmain_0.ogg ambientmain_0.ogg 2 Mb [120 download(s)]
tokyoChase.ogg tokyoChase.ogg 5.3 Mb [82 download(s)]
metalAges.ogg metalAges.ogg 2 Mb [72 download(s)]
undeadCyborg.ogg undeadCyborg.ogg 1.5 Mb [83 download(s)]
confrontation.ogg confrontation.ogg 5.9 Mb [61 download(s)]
Dark-Waves.ogg Dark-Waves.ogg 9.1 Mb [62 download(s)]
flamingSoul.ogg flamingSoul.ogg 2.7 Mb [60 download(s)]
futuristicResources.ogg futuristicResources.ogg 3.8 Mb [51 download(s)]
GenstirApproaching.ogg GenstirApproaching.ogg 3.9 Mb [54 download(s)]
LethalInjection.ogg LethalInjection.ogg 2.9 Mb [52 download(s)]
level3Theme.ogg level3Theme.ogg 481.1 Kb [59 download(s)]