Djinn Sprite (or ghost?)

Djinn Sprite (or ghost?)

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So, I've been practicing pixel art for about a month now (and will continue to practice) as I get more involved into a platformer RPG I am currently in the planning of.

For the game, I needed a evil djin. It may not be everybody's interpretation of a djinn, but for the game I am creating, a djinn is really only a entity created out of fire. This fire is not in the literal sense of fire since it cannot be seen by human eyes. The cloak is only meant to give somewhat a physical representation of the djinn. Take off the cloak, it's really just special fire that can move on its own.

As a design choice, I decided against adding arms since really, there would no point to it. A djinn has no physical arms and if it decides to attack/possess/whatever, it can do so without any addition movement.

(Also because, I didn't want to get too complicated...)

I'll admit, I may have gotten lazy with the fire though. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time on this but when I come back to it, I'll definitely try to add more realism to it.

There are three states. The first state is just idling w/ fire. The second is movement as identifiable by the movement of the fire. The third is just idle/floating for those who want to make use of it without the fire.

So I'd appreciate any feedback or critique. Thanks.

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