Electric Boy

Electric Boy

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A playful arrangement with an uncomplicated tune but a lot of instrumental changeups to keep the energy going, sort of in mind of a child's energy, simplicity of thought, and attention span. Good for an intermission, character theme, or perhaps any place where a positive mix might come in handy.

This is a rework of the earlier track Solar Powered Boy but the sound is different enough that I don't consider it an update to the same track. Also, some folks seem to like the original the way it is.

v1.1 is the current version represented in the preview. The original is also available, which has less reverb and no bridge.

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Feel free to use this in anything, though I'll be pleased if you'll send me a link to your project so I can promote it.
FoxSynergy - Electric Boy.mp3 FoxSynergy - Electric Boy.mp3 3.3 Mb [1379 download(s)]
Electric Boy! V1_1.mp3 Electric Boy! V1_1.mp3 3.7 Mb [3914 download(s)]