Ethereal Gospel (Full Soundtrack)

Ethereal Gospel (Full Soundtrack)

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15 Songs for an RPG maker game called Ethereal Gospel released in 2010 (some of which didn't make it into the game). I put a lot of work into making it have electronic and organic instruments to fit each scene and the tone of the game (which was a futuristic apocolyptic world with giant monsters destroying cities). <-- this is a link to some more in depth information about the game itself. I always retain all rights of my music when I compose for free (which I did for this game and others) and believe it's a great time to release the material for all to use.

The bitrate of the tracks is only 128kbs and I do not plan on going back to re-render these pieces as I don't even have some of the VST instruments that I used to write them. 


Enjoy :D

Ethereal Ethereal 22.2 Mb [300 download(s)]