Extended LPC Magic pack

Extended LPC Magic pack


Update: Added some icons, and right-facing turtle shell and snake bite for convencience (in separate files, rather than inside the archive).

This pack includes updated versions of my old magic animations, as well as some new ones. The old magic animations were included in my LPC submission:


Includes: Tornado, snakebite, fire lion, water and ice tentacles, ice shield and turtle shell, and lightning claw. The animated preview shows pretty much what to expect.

Most animations are 128x128 pixels per frame, with 16 frames per animation. However the spikes are 64x64, and include less frames.

Some of the animations may be a little big for some applications. In that case it might be wise to scale them to 50%, using nearest-neighbour scaling (no filter).

Attribution Instructions: 
Attribute creator as Daniel Eddeland. Please include a link to opengameart.org as well (preferably to the submission for this art package) if you use the art.
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