Fantasy Librarian Portrait

Fantasy Librarian Portrait

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This was created for the weekly challenge "Get in the Game!" which asked us to create game art of ourselves. So here is a self-portrait of where I see myself thrown into a fantasy setting. I imagine this guy in a wizard's school, not because he's competent at magic, but because any REAL wizard needs someone to fetch the scrolls and tomes for them to study. Of course, while no one is looking, this character is reading those documents himself on his own "self-study" program!

Perhaps he would fit better into an Indiana Jones-style setting?

This was painted in the GIMP using a Wacom Tablet. The source file is at full resolution (1000x1500 px), though I doubt you'll need it at that size.

It's licensed as public domain, so no attribution is required. However, naturally, I'd like to hear if you use the portrait (or perhaps even the character concept?) in your own work.

fantasy_librarian.xcf fantasy_librarian.xcf 9.9 Mb [383 download(s)]