Flare Portrait Pack Resized

Flare Portrait Pack Resized

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Justin Nichol's recent wonderful submission ( http://opengameart.org/content/flare-portrait-pack-female-edition) inspired me to update, polish and repack the all the Flare Portrait Packs thus far.

What is this you ask? A fantasy portrait pack of containing characters of similar style.

I needed hero and heroine portraits for my own project anyway and this was just perfect timing. I went through all the portrait submissions thus far and select the ones that go well together. Next, I modified serveral of them, removing or adding some items and equalizing the posture and styles. Next, I resized them, applied serveral filters and removed various artifcats by hand. Finally, I added a neutral background and a border.

End result is a nice set of 100x100 character portraits. Have fun with it and remember to attribute!!! By the way, if said project ever gets finished I'll drop you a mail Justin ;-) and you will be properly credited there as well of course.


This remix is based on work by Justion Nichol and Clint Bellanger for the wonderful Flare RPG (-> http://flarerpg.org/ ).

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You must attribute Justin Nichol, Clint Bellanger and the Flare Project, since I only remixed their wonderful work a bit I would never demand attribution for myself here. Of course, you are free to do so anyway.
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