Happy Lullaby (song17)

Happy Lullaby (song17)

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Beautiful bells and arpeggios. Suitable for rpg, exploration or puzzle game. Easy for perfect loop. I have precompressed this to be optimal for web distribution with VBR, I assure you the quality is 100% and better than 128kbps even if it looks like the sample rate is 32kHz and bitrate are lower.

This is for my upcoming game Pixelsphere (pixelsphere.org) also on Kickstarter until January 5, 2014. I'm sharing some of my assets (art, sound effects and music) with the community to thank you for all the great content you have contributed. Let me know which works you find useful and I will share more similar content.

Please contact me if you use my music, I'd really like to keep track of who's using it and give you a shoutout on my website!

Please join my mailing list if you are able, I appreciate it! I haven't sent any mailers yet, but this will be the first source if I release new public domain music for your games, and new music on my site. http://cynicmusic.com/email.html



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cynicmusic.com pixelsphere.org
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