Health and Mana Potion

Health and Mana Potion

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Set of two potions: Health and Mana.

Designed for 2D inventory icons, but they could be usable in 3D. The glass material is set up to look good in Blender's default renderer, so that will probably need to be changed to use in a 3D game. They're UV unwrapped but use Blender procedural textures.

The attached renders are done at 256x256. For most inventory icon usage, these can easily be scaled down to the desired size. They still look good as low as 32x32.

Health Potion: 1276 tris (the render uses 1 level of subsurf)

Mana Potion: 922 tris

Turntable previews:

health potion turntablemana potion turntable

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by Clint Bellanger
health_potion.blend health_potion.blend 540.7 Kb [2961 download(s)]
mana_potion.blend mana_potion.blend 504.6 Kb [2459 download(s)]
health_potion.png health_potion.png 43.2 Kb [3361 download(s)]
mana_potion.png mana_potion.png 42.4 Kb [2581 download(s)]