HoaLW Soldier

HoaLW Soldier


I have not been doing much this past month with regards to my game. I made progress, but not as much as I would like. Taking 5 computer science courses can be very time consuming. Anyways, I felt like making art today so I spend my entire Sunday making this one.

Before I continue babbling, go ahead and watch the making of the Soldier!

The video is running at 20x speed. It took me about 12 hours to make. I first drew it on paper (the easy part). I was going to record myself drawing it too but my camera is not very good.

The zip file contains EVERYTHING (even my childish drawing) you need to make all the poses and animations you want by simply doing some rotations and simple layer management. I also included a template to make it easy for you to re-color. (Don't worry, there are no chicken scratches this time =)

Note that the sheet that I cooked up is a rough one. However, you can make it smooth. Make a 30 fps sprite sheet just by doing some rotations and other beginner stuff. Animation is tedius work, which is something I'm not fond of doing.

You may criticize my work- but please no curse words =) This is only my second art. I will improve (hopefully someday to Redshrike's level)

Almost forgot, there is one thing that I used (the pistol) that isn't mine - http://opengameart.org/content/two-pistols

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"HoaLW Soldier" by V. Estrellado. Please include link to vestrel00.wix.com/hoalw
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