Kitchen - low poly

Kitchen - low poly


Here is a low poly kitchen scene. Contains many objects and total is 6.7k trigs. Textures are baked. Except for windows (I dont know how a 3D game would handle glass) every object should have a single material. Fidge, cooker and doors have rigging. Most objects can be subdivided for extra detail. I would even recommend it if you are not on a poly diet. However, when using subdivisions, apply and use a decimate modifier to remove extra faces on flat surfaces. Blender units in decimeters. 

I might consider modeling other rooms if there is an interest. Please comment if you think I should include another object. Blend file should be properly packed, if there are issues please report them. If you export them properly to .obj files, please consider sending them to me so that  I can upload an easier to use version.


Fridge, cooker, worktop, windows, doors, walls, ground, lamp, fruit bowl, pot, plant, trash bin, chairs, table, table cloth, plates, glasses, kettle, shakers, tissues and tissue holder, tap, cupboard, drying mat, balcony, fence, cooker hood, sugar bowl, knife, fridge decorations


Wood texture from Blender CD
Brushed metal by Osmic:
Wooden tile texture by Nobiax:
Two public domain photos:


kitchen.7z kitchen.7z 15.7 Mb [2459 download(s)]