Knight - Bleed's Game Art

Knight - Bleed's Game Art

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Greetings awesome game creators. Name's Bleed (cool name, yeah i know) and i specialize in game art.

I only just recently found this site and i think it has a noble goal, so i decided to join the cause and share some of my work with you guys.

Anyway, here's a knight character. It has attack, death and walk animations in 8 directions, PNG with full aplha channel.

This one is very, very old so it's not very professional, but hey, why not share it too.


There are lots more coming, including buildings, flora, objects and props and some backgrounds...if popularity is high enough. --don't wanna upload to an empty room :)

I'm also available for freelance work, if anyone is interested drop me an e-mail, address in my portfolio.

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Credit is not necessary but always appreciated. You can use my name "Bleed" and if you're feeling extra generous here's a link to my portfolio that you can include "" Again, all this is optional.
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