Loyalty Lies Items - Map Markers

Loyalty Lies Items - Map Markers

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There are over 150 pieces in this set, they were meant to be used as markers on the main map and in towns for my game. There are four styles of buildings for use in towns, and one of the sets is also available in an underwater style. There are also mini towns made out of each building style to be used on the main map.

There are other features like caves, park features, and townsfolk. All of the the tiny people have a matching large 2 frame character that players can talk to. I will post the links to those after I have uploaded them ;)


Around ten years ago now, I tried to use a game engine to make an RPG by myself. I spent hundreds of hours on it, but I never did finish it.  I haven't lost interest, but my skillset has changed. I don't really do pixel work anymore, I do flash and 3d instead. Considering that, it seems silly not to share these and see if anyone else can figure out what to use them for. If you want to find other stuff I made for the same project, look for "Loyalty Lies" ;)

(If you are curious about the sizing and colours I chose, they were made to work with the Well of Souls game engine. To put them up here, I made them transparent PNGs instead... but do what you need to make them work for your game.)

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This work should be attributed to Heather Lee Harvey, if possible I would also like a link to EmeraldActivities.com & http://opengameart.org/users/emerald
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