minimal missile luncher

minimal missile luncher

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Another late entry into this weeks Friday challenge: Minimalist.  The most basic of everyday tools, the missile luncher, is now available in this handy, light weight, and slim line model, but don't don't let that fool you!  While compact, it still packs plenty of fire power with a patented 3-rotating-chamber design, a second and third shot are available too you with less than a second between shots!

The launcher model has 769 faces, the rounded missiles have 167 face, and the pointed have 252.  All materials are procedural, except the "smiley" missile's which are UV unwrapped.  The model used in the third "additional preview" image used to demponstrate the use of this model was make by pfunked:

I didn't spend a lot of time on this model, and there are a lot of things that I would have liked to do:

- Basic animation of chambers rotating & trigger moving.

- UV unwrapping of the launcher model with some better materials.

- UV unwrapping of the missiles and more than 5 minutes of work on the materials. :)

Archive contains:

- minimal_launcher2.blend : (latest version of the models.  Missiles hidden on layer 2).

- smile.png : texture for the "happy" missile.

- smile.svg : original inkscape drawing of the "happy" missile texture.

"Never leave home without it, plus a free set of steak knifes"

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