Minimal Platformer

Minimal Platformer


Minimal Platformer


I see some great art coming by lately that could easily make a stylistically coherent platformer, I will add them here.

Keep in mind that there are a lot great platformer tiles and characters. But this set is focussed on both a minimal style, and coherency.

Please follow this thread by BartK for additional mockups, ideas, and discussions regarding these tilesets.


  1. Whatever the artists say, the tiles work very well if you split them up to 8 * 8 pixels, this will give you much greater detail to work with, for instance, take a look at my mockup! some of the constructions I made wouldn't be possible with a 32 * 32 tileset.


* the artists are ordered on alphabetical order.


I am planning on keeping a list here that uses art from this set. If you use this set, and would like your project added to a list, please comment, send a message, or ping me on IRC, that way you can have free advertisement!


If you would like to see anything added, please leave a reply here, with a link to the submission. If we like it, we will most defenitly add it!