Music mix (More music inside)

Music mix (More music inside)

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Recently I picked up the archives with old (and not so old) music and decided to share it. Please enjoy =)

But unfortunately I haven't projects, and I can't change my works. Sorry for this.

This "archive" consists of music of different genres and time of creation.

"I didn't do it" - a track in the movie style, minor.

"Fate" - track in metal style.

"Sweet Ice" - easy track.

"Air" - easy track.

"Themka" - i don't know, what is it)))

"Dream about space" - track with Space accent.

I didn't do it.mp3 I didn't do it.mp3 2.9 Mb [802 download(s)]
Fate.mp3 Fate.mp3 577.1 Kb [523 download(s)]
Sweet Ice.mp3 Sweet Ice.mp3 1.8 Mb [616 download(s)]
Air.mp3 Air.mp3 1.4 Mb [602 download(s)]
Themka.mp3 Themka.mp3 1.3 Mb [498 download(s)]
Dream about space.mp3 Dream about space.mp3 20.6 Mb [658 download(s)]