Old Manor (More music inside)

Old Manor (More music inside)

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Recently I picked up the archives with old (and not so old) music and decided to share it. Please enjoy =)

But unfortunately I haven't projects, and I can't change my works. Sorry for this.

This "archive" consists music on very old project "Old Manor" (point and click, detective story). 

01.Welcome to old manor.mp3 01.Welcome to old manor.mp3 2.2 Mb [333 download(s)]
02.Tragedy alley.mp3 02.Tragedy alley.mp3 1.4 Mb [272 download(s)]
03.Rooms_.mp3 03.Rooms_.mp3 3.9 Mb [261 download(s)]
04.Histories and tales.mp3 04.Histories and tales.mp3 2.2 Mb [300 download(s)]
05.Aristocracy.mp3 05.Aristocracy.mp3 1.4 Mb [274 download(s)]
06.Winter waltz.mp3 06.Winter waltz.mp3 1.6 Mb [271 download(s)]
07.Scary night.mp3 07.Scary night.mp3 2.4 Mb [275 download(s)]